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Guinness Glass Decoration - Harp

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■ Guinness Harp Glass Decoration 
■ Official Guinness Merchandise
■ Designed in Ireland



Bring some Guinness holiday fun to your home this Christmas season with this Guinness Harp Glass Decoration!

This lovely ornament is a miniature replica of a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout, complete with the recognizable beer bottle silhouette and bottle label on the front. This label on the front is in an elegant circular shape with a cream background; across the front is the Guinness name in white block letters against a black rectangular background, and the signature Irish harp is proudly displayed at the top.

Adding an animated festive touch to the bottle are white glittery layers of snow just below the bottle neck, along with red holly with its green leaves. Guinness beer has been enjoyed by many since 1759, the year that founder Arthur Guinness started making this iconic Irish beer at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

Finished off with an elegant red Guinness ribbon, this ornament is great to add to a Christmas tree or hang anywhere that needs some Christmas cheer!