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Shamrock Craic's Guide to Fulfilling Your New Year's Resolutions

Shamrock Craic's Guide to Fulfilling Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Jessie Tyler on 7th Jan 2019

Most likely at some point you’ve made a New Year’s resolution. Afterward, you probably didn’t follow through. This year, you should make the decision to stick with your resolutions. There are many to choose from and in the end, you’re opting to take charge in the New Year and make a better you. Here are some tips to get started.

Be Realistic. Don’t pick a goal that you really can’t obtain. If you are going to say you’ll never eat your favorite dish again, that’s probably not going to happen, and you are setting yourself up to fail. Instead to try to think of a way to make this more doable, like limited it to once a month.

Plan Ahead. Don’t make your resolution on New Year's Eve. Don’t wait till the last minute. Plan it in advance of the last day of the year and you’ll be more likely to succeed in the future.

Have an outline. You might skip that gym work out if you don’t have an accountability partner or reminders set in your phone. Think about keeping a planner. Whatever will work to keep you on track.

Weigh the Pros and Cons. You might need to occasionally reference why you are doing this, to begin with. Consider writing the pros and cons and keeping them somewhere you can see them easily and remember where they are. Think about a small piece of paper in your wallet or have it written in your planner.

Discuss it. Don’t keep it to yourself, discuss with your family and friends. You’ll find support there to stay on track. You may get the previously mentioned accountability partner from this.

Celebrate. Make sure to reward your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that doesn’t contradict with your resolution. If you are dieting, buy yourself something nice instead of eating something bad. You might get new clothing or go shopping with a friend.

Keep Track of Your Progress. You can do this easily in your planner. Short term goals and easier to stick to and you can build on them. Don’t focus on the thirty pounds you have to lose, break it up into ten pounds at a time. Celebrate each milestone.

Don’t be too Hard on Yourself. You might slip up on occasion but that doesn’t mean you have to quit. Start over and keep going.

Stick with it. It has been said it takes twenty-one days to make something new a habit and six months for it to become part of your permanent routine. Just keep at it.

Stay Persistent. If you run out of steam in the middle of the winter, don’t give up. Look back at the pros and cons list and the tracking you did in your planner. Recommit and you can change your life for the better with a New Years resolution.

Below, we've assembled a list of some of the most common New Year's Resolutions, and our gifts that can help you achieve your goals. Browse for more New Year's inspiration.

Waking up earlier.

Something sweet with a cup of Tea is perfect any time of the day. This Irish Tea Time Gift Box has everything you will need for just the occasion. The Box Includes, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Finger Cookies, McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Hobnobs, Boland’s Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes, McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits, Jacobs Cream Crackers, and 80 bags of Barry’s Irish Tea.

All these treats come in a gift box with free shipping to make it and extra sweet deal!

This Deluxe Irish Breakfast Kit is perfect for any large gathering or a few Irish Breakfasts over the holidays. This Breakfast will feed 8-11 People. This Breakfast Kit includes: Four Packets of Glen Ri Pork Sausages (Bangers) (48OZ) Three Pack of Glen Ri Bacon (Rashers) (24OZ) Two Pack of Glen Ri White Pudding (16OZ) Two Pack of Glen Ri Black Pudding (16OZ) One Pack of Batchelors Baked Beans (14.8 OZ) One Pack of Pan Boxty (Irish Potato Cakes) (9.5OZ) One Pack of Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea (80 count) One Pack of O’Hara’s Irish Soda Bread. Delivered to your door with 2-Day Shipping, this breakfast will brighten up any day. *Delivery of this item is only available within the United States. Not including Alaska, Hawaii and Bermuda. *Items may be substituted if out of stock.

Finally popping the question. has a wide range of wedding and engagement rings to choose from. In Ireland, the tradition of the Claddagh symbol is one that’s infinitely associated with marriage. Featuring two hands, which symbolize friendship, joining together to hold a heart and capped with a crown to symbolize loyalty, the Claddagh originated in the 17th century just outside the old city walls of Galway. With such a significant legacy, it’s little wonder that the Claddagh traditionally appears on Irish wedding bands, like the Claddagh Emerald and Silver Heart Set Ring above from Shanore, available at

Handcrafted using superior white and yellow gold, they also feature iconic Irish Trinity Knots and Celtic crosses – perfect for couples with connections to the Emerald Isle. Shanore is world-renowned for their jewelry, with many an award to their name and a great deal of industry recognition. Family owned and run from the heart of magical Dublin, they source the very best Irish materials and utilize long-established methods to create handcrafted jewelry that is beloved for a lifetime. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a Shanore wedding ring, which perfectly embodies the true essence of never-ending love, loyalty, and commitment. Available in a selection of sizes and styles you’ll feel honored to wear it forever and a day, keeping your Shanore presentation box as an added memento of your special day.

Be grateful and give gifts of thanks.

Send someone a well-wishing memento with the Clover Collectible Spoon from A Little Irish Luck. This silver-plated spoon is an artistically crafted spoon rich with symbols and designs that show off the profound beliefs and history of Irish culture. The bowl of the spoon features an engraving of a warm Irish blessing, which is encircled by an array of four-leaf clovers. Four-leaf clovers are rare variations of the three-leaf shamrock that are believed to bring good luck. The four leaves of the clover each have a special meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck. The neck of the spoon is adorned with a bold, green-colored four-leaf clover. Clovers also decorate the handle part of the spoon. On the handle, a large four-leaf clover is set against a dark-green background, below which are three silver-toned shamrock clovers. The four-leaf clover on the handle is encircled by a woven Celtic Knot pattern that is topped with a triangular Celtic Knot. The woven Celtic Knot pattern has been known to signify eternal love, while the triangular knot, or Celtic Trinity, has a variety of historical interpretations including representations of the Christian Holy Trinity and earth, fire, and water. The stem of the spoon features the words “Irish Blessing” against a dark green background in the center, with another Celtic Knot woven design on each side. This collectible spoon makes a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day parties or any other special occasions.

Throw more gatherings with family and friends.

Adding sophistication to any dining event is as easy as spreading a tablecloth across the table. And has a great selection of tableware to help you get the right atmosphere for whatever gathering you're hosting.

With the Kinsale Shamrock Tablecloth for Samuel Lamont, you can also add a bit of Irish charm and heritage to the occasion. There’s no better way to increase the luxury of a meal than with a cloth table covering. As protection from the inevitable spills, splatters, and heat damage of hot dishes, this tablecloth is at once practical and design conscious.

Around the edges, a simple woven border connects green embroidered shamrock sprigs at the corners and centers of each side. The shamrock has been an internationally recognized symbol of Ireland for centuries, harkening back to the times of St. Patrick as he used the shamrock clover to convert the island of Ireland to Christianity by explaining how it represented the holy trinity. This Kinsale Shamrock tablecloth is the perfect way to pay tribute to that heritage and history in your everyday life. Celebrate that heritage in style and luxury with Samuel Lamont’s simple white and green tablecloth. Woven detailed borders connect all four sides around this elegant linen.

Eat out less, cook more.

For salt and pepper shakers that are beyond ordinary and will even get a few chuckles, decorate your dining table with this Black Sheep Salt and Pepper Set.

This ceramic salt and pepper set from the Wacky Woollies Black Sheep Line features a white sheep with a black face (the salt shaker) and a black sheep (the pepper shaker). This adorable salt and pepper shaker set can be a funny icebreaker at dinners and will enliven any meal!

Keep a journal.

You might be inclined to write more with a journal that inspires you, like this Paddy Bear Journal that just begs to be filled with ideas and routines. Paddy Bear is front and center in this cute and classic notebook! Holding a large shamrock, he is an adorable and iconic symbol of Ireland and a beloved childhood character.

Another image of Paddy Bear sits in the background of the cover illustration, with him in front of a large sign that reads “Ireland.” Floating around both images of Paddy Bear are more vibrant green shamrocks, creating another decorative tribute to the Emerald Isle.

Featuring interior lined pages, this notebook is both a practical and precious item that is a fabulous buy for yourself or a great gift for friends and family as a small reminder of Ireland!

Practice self-care.

Take a mental escape to the Irish beaches with this fabulous Inis Gift Set Set! Embodying the coolness and purity of the sea, each piece in this unisex fragrance set will bring you a sense of mesmerizing comfort and relaxation.

This Inis the Energy of the Sea fragrance set will pamper you from head to toe with a 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of cologne, 2.9 ounces of shower gel, 2.9 ounces of body lotion, and a 1-ounce tube of hand cream. Make this set a wonderful birthday or holiday gift for someone special in your life!