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Fall Fashions for the Dapper Irish Gent

Fall Fashions for the Dapper Irish Gent

Posted by Adam Farley on 4th Nov 2020

While it may seem a little ways away, fall will be soon upon us, bringing with it cooler temperatures, bonfires, warm coffee, and more. Fall is the best time for fashion (spring is a close runner-up), and men’s styles are no exception. In this article, we’ll give you some top fall Celtic trends—as well as our favorite picks—that will keep you warm and fashionable during the coming months.


Say goodbye to tight, expensive, restrictive leather gloves that are really only good for driving. This style is not very breathable, and good luck trying to stay warm in them when it’s snowing outside. When it comes to gloves, it’s best to stick to knitted fabrics. And don’t forget mittens, either—when you’re outside, mittens are absolutely the warmest style you can have because you’re able to generate a lot of body heat inside them. Below are our favorite pairs of mittens and gloves:

Carraig Donn Irish Adult Gloves. These gloves are available in the classic Aran style, also known as the “Irish sweater pattern.” Also made from Merino wool, these gloves come from the Carraig Donn brand, a high-fashion, famous Irish company. They are available in natural white and navy, ranging from sizes small to large.


Irish flat caps are part of the landscape of Ireland, and they have a distinctive flat top and protruding brim. They are available in a wide range of patterns and colors, and stocks flat caps to match any particular outfit, regardless of the style.

They are casual enough for a day on the golf course, yet not too informal if you’re golfing with someone you want to impress. Here are two of our favorites

Patchwork-Patterned Irish Cap. This style, known as a “scally cap,” is pure wool. This cap is handmade in Ireland, and one of the greatest things about it is the fact that no two caps are alike. No patterns match; each one is made with a new style, making yours as unique as if your own nana knitted it just for you. The sizes range from small to extra-large. The history of this type of pattern is also interesting. It is reminiscent of a period in Ireland when the fabric was scarce, and no piece of cloth, matching or not, could be wasted. Flat caps were cobbled together from these different materials, but, instead of being a sign of poverty, they became a symbol of gentlemanly fashion.

Irish Salt-and-Pepper Brown Tweed Cap. For those who would rather stick to a more monochromatic scheme, this salt-and-pepper pattern is subtle yet stylish. It is made of Irish tweed, and, like the other cap, it also comes straight from Ireland. The wool is water-repellant; so, even if you get caught in a surprise rainstorm, your head and face will stay dry. World-famous celebrities like Brad Pitt have worn this style, popularizing it in America.


The cardigan is an iconic fashion staple that has spread throughout the world. Its origin is a derivation of the British waistcoat. The cardigan is popular for any gender, and the wide availability of colors not only go with any outfit, but it also keeps the wearer as warm as possible. Fall is brisk—right on the cusp of winter—but you might not be ready to go full winter-wear just yet. Check out the cardigans below for our top fashion picks:

Men’s Zip-Up Cardigan with Cable Patterns. This cardigan is made of 100% Merino wool, so you know that this cardigan will be soft. There’s nothing worse than an itchy sweater, and fine Merino wool is the way to go if you want to avoid discomfort. The pattern is Aran and the color a deep charcoal. The sweater has large pockets, a high collar to keep your neck warm, and, of course, it is Ireland-made. It comes in sizes small to XXL. The sweater comes from Boyne Valley Knitwear, a well-known, reputable Irish company.

Traditional Men’s V-Neck Irish Cardigan. The V-neck is a classic fashion collar, and this button-up cardigan is perfect to wear with a collared shirt underneath. It has traditional cable and honeycomb patterns and large pockets. It is made of Merino wool and comes in sizes small to XXL. This cardigan is machine-washable (a relief for those of us who don’t have time to carefully hand-wash our clothes), and the versatile style makes it work for any occasion.

Lined Irish Body-Warmer. This thick, Merino wool sweater vest is perfect for the outdoors. If it’s not cold enough for a full-on sweater but too cold for no sweater at all, this vest will keep you toasty warm without getting too hot. The outer pattern is Aran. The inner layer is cotton, and the collar is a fleece. The cotton lining makes the fabric breathable, while the fleece neck keeps you warm-up top. This sweater is available in deep indigo and ranges from sizes small to XXL.


What would a list of Irish fashions be without the fisherman’s sweater? This sweater is Aran, a style we’ve mentioned previously in this article. The Aran name comes from the Aran Islands, which are three islands located off the western coast of Ireland.

Nicknamed “The Islands of Saints and Scholars,” Inis Mor, Inis Meain, and Inis Oirr are popular tourist destinations for those who love Irish history and beautiful sightseeing. Inis Mor is home to Dun Aonghasa, an ancient, mystical fort that appeared in 1100 BCE. It was not discovered until 1893, however, and, today, expert builders have restored the fort to at least part of its former historic glory. So, what does all this history have to do with the fisherman’s sweater?

Fisherman’s sweaters almost always have this Aran pattern. They are water-resistant, historically knitted by fisherman’s wives for their husbands to wear when braving the elements. However, the patterns in these Aran sweaters aren’t just for aesthetic appearance only. They have deeper meanings to them. The honeycomb pattern, if included in the sweater, is thought to symbolize hard work and the rewards that come with industrious labor. The cable brings good luck, the diamond is a wish for wealth, and the basket stitch symbolizes hope for a plentiful catch. With all this history in mind, here are some classic Irish fisherman’s sweaters.

Men’s Fisherman Aran Sweater. This fisherman’s sweater is made of 100% worsted wool. Worsted wool means that the sweater has all its fibers combed the same way. They run parallel to one another from end to tip. Made by Boyne Valley Knitwear, this sweater is available in a beautiful chocolate color. It includes the honeycomb and cable patterns and is remarkably durable. Be ready to hand down this strong, comfortable, long-lasting sweater from generation to generation in your family.

Rugged Celtic Wool Troyer Sweater. This sweater is made from 100% new wool, which means that the wool hasn’t been reused or recycled. It comes straight from the sheep, no secondhand style. This sweater has a toggle-neck, which will keep you warm in the cooler months the same way it has done for Irish fishermen for centuries. The collar has four buttons, and the sweater itself comes in brown with a tan Celtic Knot pattern. The Celtics, an ancient people from whom many Irish and British descended, created the Celtic Knot. When the Celtics first came up with the pattern, it was more for decoration than anything else. However, over time, the pattern grew and began to include designs that symbolized deeper concepts. After the Norman invasion in the seventh through tenth centuries, the Celtic Knot became a symbol of the Celtic struggle to keep their culture amidst the bloodshed of the invasion. Celtics created these Knots with both secular and religious symbolization in mind. The knotworks mean virtues such as “strength” and “love,” and some even have more Christian backgrounds to them.

Fisherman’s Donegal Rib Sweater. This stylish sweater comes in denim blue, oatmeal, and moss green, and its sizes range from small to XXL. It is made of 100% pure Merino wool, guaranteed to keep you warm throughout all fall and winter. There is brown padding on the shoulders, which adds a fun, sporty flair to the design. Rib knit is a favorite of knitters everywhere because it is such a flattering style. This sweater is not only functional; it is also classy and fashionable.


Last but not least, sportswear is a great fashion for fall. Sportswear, particularly for rugby and football, is always going to be a staple of any Irish style. For the cooler weather, our sportswear comes in long-sleeved styles so that you can represent your favorite team while still staying warm. Whatever sport you’re into, these fashions have got you covered. Here are our top fall favorites:

Guinness Rugby Performance Half-Zip Fleece Jacket. This full-zipper jacket is made of a warm microfleece that is perfect for any fall athlete. Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to stop playing hard, and the Guinness Performance Sportswear range designed this sweater. It is moisture-wicking, and the color is black with bright yellow accents. This top is official Guinness merchandise, and its sizes range from small to XXL, perfect for wearers of all shapes and sizes. There are also deep pockets on the jacket to keep your hands warm.

Ireland Crest High-Neck Rugby Top. This long-sleeved top is made of 100% cotton, so it is breathable yet warm. It comes in sizes small through XXL and is official Landsdowne merchandise. The shirt is a gorgeous, deep blue with vibrant green paneling and features the four province emblems. These provinces were formerly known as the “four kingdoms” of Ireland: Leinster, Connacht, Munster, and Ulster. There was also a fifth province, Meath, but it merged into Leinster, with some sections of the province going to Ulster. Each province has tons of history. The provinces have been there since before the year 1200. They were controlled by Ireland’s dynastic families and took the form of loose federations. Once the Normans invaded, occupying Ireland until the mid-1500s, Leinster and Meath merged and part of Ireland became the “Pale,” which was a region controlled by the English government. Now, the provinces don’t hold political power the way they did; they’re divided into counties and exist with historical and cultural significance. While their politics may no longer be the dividing lines between the former kingdoms, rugby certainly is, and the friendly rivalry continues.

Guinness Crew Neck Top with Signature & Logo. Available in sizes extra-small to XXL, this official Guinness merchandise is athletic and stylish. It is long-sleeved for warmth and has the Guinness logo right on the front. The crew neck top itself is black, and the logo and signature are white and gold. The clean-cut style works in any weather condition and for any event.

Guinness Green Sweater. This top is 100% cotton. It comes in green and white, a lovely color combination. The logos are embroidered, and the top ranges from sizes small to XXL. This is a striped jersey, a classic style you’ll find in pubs all throughout the UK (but in Ireland especially!). This top is reminiscent of fun, beer-filled nights cheering on your favorite team. This top is official Guinness merchandise as well, and you can see the famous logo embroidered on the top left-hand chest pocket. The collar is also high, another notable feature of this storied style. These are our top picks for fall! Irish fashion will never go out of style. Warm and stylish, these tops, hats, scarves, and gloves are sure to keep you toasty through the coming cool weather. Summer doesn’t last forever, but the luck of the Irish certainly does.

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Originally published on Jul 17, 2017