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The Best Winter Accessories from

The Best Winter Accessories from

Posted by ShamrockCraic on 7th Dec 2018

Winter clothes can be basic items such as a knitted wool cap and gloves, or a scarf and high neck jacket. Winter clothing are clothes used for protection against the particularly cold weather of winter. Often they have good water resistance, consist of multiple layers to protect and insulate against low temperatures. Here are some of the best winter accessories on for the whole family.

Snood Scarf with Buttons

Our passionate love affair with snoods always returns every year at the first hint of any chill. These cool and practical hybrid scarf-hoods are just the best thing ever, especially these beautiful patchwork pieces from Carraig Donn.

This snood's Irish Merino wool is super-warm and super-soft, and the 5 wooden buttons add rustic charm. The classic Aran cable and honeycomb stitching bring luxurious depth and texture to the knit.

The patterns truly come to life in the vibrant range of available colors: green, oatmeal, red, and natural white.

Aran Stitch Patchwork Wrap

This pretty, flirty, goes-with-everything patchwork wrap is ultra-thick and warm. 100% Merino wool is one of the world's most soft and luxurious materials, and when knit with beautiful Aran patterns, the gorgeous texture becomes insanely touchable.

Elaborate cable and trellis stitching add a playful joie-de-vivre that shows off a lovely fairy tree as the centerpiece. When you wear this wrap, you'll feel like you're walking around in a cloud!

Handknit Irish Aran Tam Hat

Fun hats are arguably the best thing about winter; this one's no exception. This charming Irish Aran Tam is not just exceptionally well-made, it's also handmade!

Knit with loving attention on the variety of Irish stitches, including moss and diamond patterns, the tam's warm merino wool is specially spun to be both incredibly soft and incredibly durable. The pom pom is just the playful cherry on top. Warm and snug, your head will feel happy in this tam hat.

Girls Irish Button Cape

Keep your little one toasty and sprightly in the cold with this Childs Merino Wool Mock Button Poncho.

This poncho will wrap your child in the rich warmth of 100% pure Merino wool. Designed with a neat A-shaped silhouette, this poncho features lovely Aran stitch patterns that include diamonds paired with moss, cables, and intricate basket patterns, all in an eye-pleasing diagonal arrangement.

These patterns carried great meaning for the Aran Islanders. The cables represented fishermen’s ropes and hopes for successful, safe trips. The basket patterns represented fishermen’s baskets and wishes for a big catch. Diamonds symbolized fishermen’s nets, with the moss interior brilliantly representing the mesh portion of the net; the diamonds stood for wealth and success, and the moss was associated with growth.

Finishing off the adorable look of this poncho are two multi-colored buttons on the collar that add a cute, polished touch. This poncho comes in vibrant chilli pepper, kiwi, and white colors, making it a great piece for color blocking with leggings and boots.

This piece is also wear and tear resistant, so it also makes a wonderful gift for children who like to play rough!

Baby Mittens and Hat Set

An ideal gift for that special new baby, this adorable mitten and hat set in natural white is hand-knit in County Mayo, Ireland using classic Aran knit patterns that have been perfected for centuries.

The pom-pom hat and mittens are crafted from an organic, pure Merino wool that's both ultra-soft and warm, which is great for a baby's sensitive skin. Baby will love how it feels, and you'll love how it looks!


Winter clothes can be basic items, but they can really bring together an outfit. While winter clothing are clothes used for protection against the particularly cold weather of winter, accessories can often be worn in Autumn months as well. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy some of the best winter accessories on with your family this season.